The Linkase is designed to boost your WIFI signal, so the WIFI coverage can extend to maximum. If you are at a certain distance, or being blocked by objects to your router, you will experience the difference with and without EMW.

Please check the following:
1) Are you already reaching the maximum speed of your internet connection? EMW will not provide any more boost than your maximum connection speed which is determined by your internet provider.
2) Does your wireless network have a maximum per user connection speed set by the administrator (it is common in an office environment)? EMW can not overwrite the limitation set by the network administrator.
3) Do you see no connection at all? EMW can boost the WIFI signal to device’s maximum level, but if you still see no connection, it means you are out of the WIFI covered zone.

EMW is designed to maximize the 2.4GHz connection which is the most popular WIFI band for the wireless router on the market. The 5GHz version will be on the market when the 802.11ac technology becomes more mature on the market.

The math behind WIFI signal strength showed on screen is very complex and can sometimes be very tricky. We recommend our users to use actual web browsing or SPEEDTEST APP by to determine the level of your WIFI signal.

EMW is designed to improve users' signal reception in common situations where reception is usually low. User will experience a more significant signal improvement in areas with weak signal.

Yes, all of our products carry a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. If you feel your product has a manufacturing defect, please contact our Customer Service and we will look into getting you a replacement.

All Absolute Technology products have a warranty of 1 year. Please visit our Warranty page for more details.

The Linkase is designed with a soft plastic on the outer ring to provide a very easy process to put on and off to your device. The aim is to minimize any scratch to your device during this process. If you bend or apply a great amount of force to the soft plastic, the plastic will deform like any other materials. The warranty will replace the Linkase if it is determined to be an original manufacture fault.

The EMW element is designed to be used over 3000 times. It will be easier to use after a few sliding actions, the mechanical locking device should always secure the EMW at the correct position. The warranty will replace the Linkase if it is determined to be an original manufacture fault.

For LINKASE Classic
We recommend using an eraser to remove smudges marks on the surface, this method has been quite successful among our customers. Please note that we do not recommend using abrasive cleaning products on the soft-touch coating.

Please keep in mind that we do not warrant our product for finish damages caused by any type of cleaning or attempts at cleaning.

Yes! The iPhone 5 Linkase is only the first of many of our series. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest updates!

Yes, later on we will be developing more colors and designs for the LINKASE.

Soon we will be offering an extensive color collection for the EMW element. Each color will be sold separately. Users can create their own LINKASE color combinations. Stay tuned!

Yes! We are planning on more color and design options for LINKBOOK.

Please contact our Customer Service for any more queries about our products.

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